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Empowering you towards greater physical, emotional and mental health


With all the developments that have occurred in our daily lives since the advent of COVID19, our understandings of the importance of building and maintaining our immune system has been made evident. 


Never before in our life time have we seen such a threat, therefore it is vital that we take heed of the necessity to support our immune system so that it is capable and in the best possible condition to support us when the need arises. 


The threat that COVID may be under control now, however we must accept and prepare our bodies for future threats of this nature.

I can offer you much knowledge, which will enable you to so easily and very deliciously assist you to build and develop your own personal immune system in a very natural and healthy way. 


It is time to strengthen your body for the possibility of future threats of this kind.

  • Build your body's natural immunity in a safe, healthy, natural and cost effective way.

  • I can explain to you how over the past 7 decades our body's immunity's have been slowly broken down and eroded through the degradation of our incredibly important microbiome.

  • I can explain to you why this has been happening, so you can better understand the importance of taking these very necessary steps.

  • I can show you how you don't have to be paying ongoing exorbitant costs for some products that are presently being offered to you in the form of mass produced probiotic preparations.  Some of which are heavily laced with sugar and other unnecessary additives, and some, which are certainly not worth your hard earned money.  

  • If you adopt some simple suggestions as regular practices, you can be better prepared for future health challenges, just like this present challenge that has been put before us.

  • Essentially; You can learn how to reduce your level of susceptibility to this and many other health difficulties. 

Join me, on a learning journey that is destined to be

your primary position of power,

in the fight against microbial & viral threat.

About Kerry
Kerry McDonald is a dedicated and caring Counsellor who is passionate about helping her clients to achieve a greater sense of emotional and physical wellbeing.

Caring and committed.  Kerry is a genuine and responsive counsellor who provides a compassionate and non-judgemental therapeutic space where you can feel safe and supported whilst working through personal difficulties.  Kerry is dedicated to finding the most appropriate outcome possible for her clients, through developing an understanding of the individual’s uniqueness and their very personal set of circumstances.  It is important that clients build on their own strengths, confidence and sense of self-worth in order to gain positive input into their lives.  


In the same way that we all have the primal physical needs of food, water and shelter, we also have primal emotional needs.  When any of these needs are not being met adequately, an imbalance in our mental and physical health can occur.  From this imbalance we can subsequently develop emotional and mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety, addictions and various compulsions.  On a physical level we may become tired, listless and pained with the possibility of chronic illness ensuing.


You may be dealing with low self esteem which can present itself in an array of characteristics such as anxiety and emotional turmoil, bouts of depression or sadness, social withdrawal and lack of self confidence, eating disorders, self neglect or treating yourself badly.  It may be that you may be fearful or reluctant to take on challenges, or constantly put everyone else’s needs over and above your own, yet still worry that you have treated others badly.  These and other low estimations of your self can have a detrimental impact on your life.  

Traumatic experiences are becoming more and more prevalent in our community, and for some these experiences can have devastating impact on your life, and your relationships as it is possible that not only the individual who has experienced the trauma, but also those who are close to a trauma survivor can have their lives turned upside down.   

When we encounter an event or events which put us on the back foot, in other words a trauma event, a biological encoding can occur within the brain.  From a biological perspective this encoding is a normal survival mechanism which is designed to assist us should a similar event occur in the future.  We can develop a heightened awareness to the possibility of the same or similar threats repeating.  The now heightened awareness or hyper-vigilance to the threat would enable us to have better response time thus enabling us to have an increased chance of survival.  Yet this now seemingly normal response to an abnormal situation which happened in our past, can have serious and severely detrimental effects on your life and your health in the present and in the future, if adequate steps are not taken to release or downgrade the trauma encoding.

The Rewind Technique and Delta-Wave Therapy are two techniques which are both non-intrusive and highly successful when dealing with trauma and phobias.  You do not have to keep re-verbalising the same painful and debilitating memories again and again, which only serves to deepen and embed the trauma further, increasing the possibility of further traumatisation occurring to an already hyper-vigilant and overloaded survival instinct.


Kerry also has a great interest in human nutrition, holding Certification in Nutritional Counselling. 

In our modern world of escalating physical and mental health difficulties, these skills will enable clients to achieve greater levels of well-being and create better outcomes through having a  valuable understanding of the body's nutritional needs.  Your personal circumstances, your present health condition, your likes and dislikes are all taken in consideration whilst working to heal the body in a natural and holistic way. 

Current research is showing us that the health of the Microbiome and the condition of the digestive tract, can and will have an impact either positively or negatively on our physical health, our mental health and our emotional health.  Making the nutritional aspect of our lifestyle an important aspect of our total wellbeing.


The skill set of Counselling, Nutritional Counselling and Hypnotherapy is a very effective array of therapeutic modalities.  Additionally Kerry is very pleased to offer to Clients dealing with Trauma, Phobias, Depression and Anxiety difficulties, the very highly regarded Rewind Technique which has proven to be highly beneficial for use in recovering from a range of abnormal life experiences.

Kerry is a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

Developing a Stronger Sense of Self

After a traumatic event or a series of life changing actions, it can be hard to regain a solid sense of self.  You may be experiencing a loss of direction, or feel that you are lacking control of where your life is heading.

Counselling can offer you the space you need to recover from an experience or experiences which may have created feelings of anxiety, unease or chronic stress.  

When the emotional intensity around a particular situation is extreme, it can have a detrimental effect on the manner in which we may be able to function, and consequently the way in which we will deal with any subsequent circumstance which may echo or have similarities to the initial traumatic or difficult event.


Difficult or traumatic situations can cause us to lose sight of our inherent strengths, who we are, and what is of value to us.    These events can leave us feeling unsure of ourselves, or bring on feelings of unworthiness, or possibly that we have nothing left to give anymore.  Challenging situations can cause us to lose sight of, or become unaware of our core strengths, our foundations.  Yet those foundations are still there, they are inherent within you, they are natural and unique to you.  


It may be possible that through working in a therapeutic and supportive environment, that you will be enabled to get back in touch with, and realigned once again with those strengths and competencies.  Together we can consolidate those undermined foundations, and re-build a stronger sense of self. 


Offering an holistic approach to emotional and mental wellbeing

Committed to the health and well being of clients, at Jsarnee Professional Counselling, care is taken to ensure clients receive the most appropriate care for their individual needs.

Because physical, emotional and mental health are all inter-related, it is most beneficial to look to empower the Client through a diverse range of aspects which can assist in their overall well-being.

I offer you assistance in a collaborative and respectful manner, providing services such as:

  • General Counselling

  • Grief & Loss Counselling

  • Trauma & Phobia recovery using Rewind Technique or Delta Wave Therapy

  • Nutritional Counselling

  • Hypnotherapy



I also offer group presentations providing information about the Human Microbiome and fermentation practices which can assist individuals to develop a diverse profile of probiotic bacteria which will create a stronger, more supportive internal eco-system.

abuse counselling
It is possible that healing can begin...

... when we realise that we need to heal, from an experience or experiences which continue to cause difficulties in our lives.

When you make that first step away from your problems by making an appointment to speak with a qualified counsellor, quite surprisingly you may find that there may be a shift without any other intervention.  It is as if there is some measure of release from the burden or pain that is being experienced, and the next step you make will be to actually speak with a counsellor who can offer you respect, empathy, warmth, compassion, and a non-judgmental attitude in a safe, supportive and confidential environment.

Through talking to a counsellor, it is possible to gain a better understanding of your situation and your concept of self.  It is possible that there is the allowance for more clarity, which can enable you to make appropriate choices with the view to enhance your situation, whilst also promoting feelings of self-worth and self-acceptance.