Delta Wave Therapy

Delta Wave Therapy is a new Psycho-sensory Therapy which can provide assistance for a variety of problems such as phobias, panic attacks, chronic pain and various traumatic experiences.


Delta waves are the slowest of the brain waves and have been recorded as operating at the frequency of 0.5 - 4Hz.  Although this frequency is most often associated with restorative sleep, it has also been shown to occur through the use of some forms of music and meditative practices.  This brain wave frequency is also highly beneficial in developing peace of mind, and is an important factor in the healing process.


When we encounter an event or events which put us on the back foot, in other words a trauma event, a biological encoding will occur within the brain.  This encoding is a survival mechanism which is designed to assist us should a similar event occur in the future.  Our heightened awareness to the possibility of the threat repeating itself, would enable us to have a better response time which would increase our chances of survival.  We become hyper-vigilant, always on the lookout for situations or circumstances which may mimic the original trauma event.  Unfortunately however, this trauma encoding which is designed to protect us, can place us under great physical, mental and emotional stress, and subsequently has the potential to cause ill-health and disease. 


Or, it may be that a seemingly minor event occurs which takes us back to a traumatic experience, virtually reliving the initial trauma or provoking a response which is out of context to the present situation.  For some, these episodes or flashbacks can be debilitating and confusing to say the least, or you may keep replaying  in your mind past events, obsessively running through your ordeal over and over again trying to make sense of it, all of which can have a devastating effect on both physical and mental health.


A new Psycho-sensory Therapy technique is non-invasive, comforting and has a high success rate.  The practitioner uses one of the brains slowest frequencies, being the Delta waves, along with appropriate sensory distraction techniques to uncouple traumatically encoded memories which have been created within the "fight, flight, freeze" mechanism of the brain.  This area of the brain is known as the Amygdala. 


When undertaking Delta Wave Therapy, although some results can be achieved very quickly with the use of this new psycho-sensory technique, it is important to realise that when there has been multiple traumas experienced, this may necessitate ongoing work to occur to ensure that the most appropriate benefits are achieved for the individual, and the excessively heightened response for all the trauma encodings are deregulated.