Services offered 

Grief & Loss Counselling

Although grief is most commonly associated with the death of a loved one, the difficulties associated with grief can be experienced as a consequence of a wide variety of circumstances.  These circumstances can encompass the loss of a treasured item, the loss of a relationship, the loss of health and vitality, your work, income or a beloved pet. This list can be expanded to any situation which gives rise to a sense of lack and loss. 



Many in our community have experienced great loss, and unfortunately have not been able to, or allowed to grieve their loss or losses in a way that has true meaning to them as individuals.  You may have heard something like, "Just keep busy" or "Just give it time".  The thing is, time doesn't necessarily heal our losses, it is what we do with that time that really makes the difference, and which can enable us to heal or find ourselves again, albeit different to how it once was or how we once were.

When we are unable to grieve fully, there is the possibility that the emotional turmoil experienced, can be confused with and misdiagnosed as Depression.  Unfortunately when this occurs, prescriptions for anti-depressants can be dispensed without giving assistance to the reality that is being experienced by the individual in grief.

At times of grief we may feel alone, lost and separated from all others around us.  It may be that we don’t know where to go, what to do, or who we can talk to, because we fear that those around will never fully understand what we are experiencing.  Or we may not want to burden our friends and family, because we are supposed to be getting over it.  The thing is, it still hurts.


No other person can truly know your personal grief experience and what you are dealing with through your loss, however Grief is a journey which doesn’t have to be travelled alone.  Speaking with another who can walk with you through your pain can be of great assistance.  

General Counselling

Difficult life experiences can take their toll on us, affecting our ability to be able to take enjoyment from present life situations, without us ever realising the true cause.  Or, we may keep reliving those difficult experiences, which can intrude on our thoughts and have impact on our relationships and our general well being.


Whether difficulties in the now are being experienced due to the pain of past, the fear of future consequences, or you are unsure about the direction in which  your life is heading, the process of speaking with someone who offers confidentiality and a non-judgmental ear, someone who can walk with you, offering emotional support and an affirming positive attitude can be of most benefit.

Assistance can be provided for a wide array of difficulties including, but not limited to:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Low self esteem

  • Stress 

  • Trauma    

The difficulties that we experience can be as unique as we all are individual.  This does not mean that we are unusual, odd, or that there is something wrong with us.  It means that we have all had different experiences and life learnings which have brought us to where we are now, and it is important that we feel we can talk to someone.  

Nutritional Counselling

Within the frame of Nutritional Counselling, together we can look at your dietary intake and eating patterns, and how these aspects of your life are affecting your health.  If it is nutrition that you wish to explore, then we will discuss the relationship between diet and disease, the most beneficial methods of preparing your foods, and even how your state of mind when eating can impact on your body and subsequently your health.  

You may be dealing with what you think are minor annoying problems such as heart burn, bloating, energy lack after eating a meal, skin irritations or any number of other issues which you commonly ignore.  You may have put these minor annoying problems down to just getting older or it's because of my genetics.  The truth is, you can make drastic changes to your health and wellbeing by simply making some simple dietary adjustments.

food for health

More and more research is showing that not only physical health but also our emotional and our mental health can be directly related to and reliant on:

  • the foods that we consume

  • the condition of our digestive system

  • the microbes which are present in the digestive system

  • and the stresses that we put ourselves under

It is therefore important that these factors are addressed in order to optimise digestive processes, and as a result to improve overall health and well-being and also greater emotional health.

Through nutritional counselling I offer you a better understanding of how the foods that you are presently consuming, may be impacting on your physical, emotional and mental health.  With this new understanding and awareness you can then be better equipped to make change to your situation.  

Food for Thought ....

Primarily the fermentation of foods was an age old process which employed the use of Beneficial Probiotic Bacteria to preserve an over abundance of foods.  A storage system which would allow us to get through the seasons and still have enough food till the next harvest was ready. 


It is also a process that we can use to re-introduce Essential Probiotic Microbes back into our digestive system after the detrimental effects of antibiotics, stress, alcohol, pesticides and medications have disrupted and caused damage to the delicate micro-ecosystem living within our intestines.

These microbes have lived within us and on us throughout the development of our species.   It is only due to our more recent life style practices that our Microbiome or Essential Flora have been badly impacted, and as a consequence of this our physical and mental health has been affected in a detrimental manner.  Our Symbiotic Partners are essential to our physical and mental health, assisting us to perform physiological functions that we could not achieve without them.  They give aid to us in numerous ways from providing 80 to 85% of our immunities, and amongst other benefits they also assist us with digestion and assimilation of the foods that we consume.  

There are many significant health benefits to promoting strong populations of probiotic bacteria within the digestive system.  With this in mind I can provide you with personalised nutritional information which can assist your specific needs with your present health conditions.  I can also offer presentations which will provide  generalised information about what the Human Microbiome means to our heath and wellbeing, and provide information about how you can  make your own delicious and nutritious fermented foods in your own kitchen. 

If you are presently experiencing any, or a variety of health concerns it is important to heal the digestive tract in conjunction with developing a stronger Microbiome.   This can be done through gaining knowledge about what may be causing the damage to the delicate intestinal lining, and also through developing new simple processes that will support you in a natural way.     


Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to aid with numerous difficulties or situations which may require assistance. 

With "therapy" being the key word in our understanding for the intent of its use, hypnotherapy is purely designed for the benefit of what the client wishes to achieve.  Whether that is to be of aid in assisting the client to gain the driving force to achieve their goals, or an aid in relinquishing habits and attitudes which no longer serve a useful purpose for you.  

Taking a holistic approach to hypnotherapy work, is to learn about the client, and give attention to the most appropriate way that the client can achieve the results that they aspire to. 

Addictions, phobias and attitudes which had previously served a purpose for the individual, possibly even protected them in some way.  However in the present, these habits and patterns may no longer be beneficial or serve the purpose that they were initially intended to serve.  These habits, phobias, addictions and attitudes may have become a hindrance to your personal growth and development.  


A definition of hypnosis which I particularly like is, “A pleasant detached state of parallel awareness”. This pleasant detached state occurs in respect of the conscious mind which is the analytical, critical mind.  When the attention of the conscious mind is diverted through the use of hypnosis, communication on a much deeper level is enabled by way of the sub-conscious mind, which is the childlike, non-critical, immeasurably more powerful mind.

It is important to note that whilst the hypnotherapist’s words speak directly with the sub-conscious mind, at no time do you experience a loss of control. It is only through your willingness to allow the hypnotherapist to offer the suggestions, that successful hypnotherapy can occur.   Essentially, you are totally relaxed in a recliner chair, and you are aware of the hypnotherapist's voice, hearing everything that is being said.  Your conscious mind may wander and drift away, but your sub-conscious mind hears everything that is said to you.  And you are happy to stay there and relax whilst you listen, because the words and suggestions that you are hearing revolve around what you had previously agreed upon and wish to occur.

 Hypnotherapy is not a form of mind control, and at all times you have the ability to take charge of self, and as such it is possible for you to alert yourself and respond to any situation which needs your immediate attention.  But until that time, you are happy to just relax and enjoy the experience.

Originally hypnosis was used to treat conditions such as hysteria; today its virtues have shown it to be useful for an amazingly wide range of conditions such as, but not limited to:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • insomnia

  • habit disorders

  • phobias

The range of practical applications in which hypnotherapy can be used is numerous, and in the area of personal development hypnotherapy can be used as a primary tool for benefiting subjects to achieve their desired goals. 

Historically, hypnosis has also been used within the realms of surgery, Esdaile and Elliotson were well known for their work using hypnosis to alleviate pain, and stem the flow of blood during surgical procedures. Despite the successes that were attributed to Esdaile, in 1847 the introduction of chloroform brought the use of hypnosis as a medical anaesthesia to an end.

There is a great deal of other evidence which supports the effectiveness and use of hypnotherapy for alleviating chronic pain.  And, although I certainly do not under estimate the effectiveness of hypnotherapy within the area of pain management, I personally believe that pain occurs within the body to convey to us that something is not as it needs to be from a health perspective, whether that is physical or mental health.  And as such, I like to employ nutritional and emotional support to assist in pain reduction, as chronic pain can occur as a result of many situations.

If you are considering the use of hypnotherapy and employing the services of a Therapist, it is important that you clearly convey your desired outcome so you both may have a strong image in mind prior to the work beginning.

Together we can review, recompose, relinquish or release that which is now causing difficulties and hinders you, that which has arrested or delayed progress in your present life.

Rewind Technique
Delta Wave Therapy