So deeply in gratitude to all of those reaffirming gifts.

You have heard it before, but do know and accept please, how the instillation of those qualities you worked with during our influential communication sessions serve me so beautifully now. So very powerful and so often reinforced in my contact with people now.  So very potent those influences.

Please accept the gratitude Kerry and embrace the quality of your efforts.

 Truly amazing and wonderful in their effectiveness. The words keep coming back to me from outside sources in the most lovely ways and disempower completely the restraining efforts of Rochelle.


What a great relief.

When l first consulted with Kerry 5wks ago l found her to be a very knowledgeable, kind, caring and very generous lady.  I went to her because l have arthritis and was suffering a burning sensation under my foot which was extremely painful to walk on.  Well after just one week of following your eating plan l was able to walk around the shops for over an hour without any pain. 

I probably could have gone on longer but had finished what l needed to do at the shopping center. So a big thank you for that.  I also had nearly constant chocolate cravings and l am very pleased to say they have stopped too. 


Also l was suffering very bad burping, which has calmed down considerably. Talking about calm, which l didn’t realise until writing this, that l do feel a lot calmer and even though l have visitors coming to stay in two weeks time, l am not as panicky as l usually would be. Oh, nearly forgot, l have also lost 3.2kg in weight, which is wonderful.

So thank you so much Kerry. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Very best wishes from Carol.

Writing this email to you is yet another example of me finding the courage to be true to myself - something which keeps coming up for me and which we were talking about in my last session. I believe that you have helped me greatly with developing the confidence to do this.


Since meeting you I have continued to rave to my friends about what a wonderful Counsellor you are, and I want to thank you for the ongoing support, patience, gentleness and wisdom you have always displayed during our sessions. 

I would like to think that I could contact you in the future if I wanted to have some further Counselling.